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Wondering if an ambassador or affiliate program is right for your organization but have absolutely no idea how to start one? We can help. With years of experience developing ambassador and affiliate programs, we're familiar with the ins and outs. We'll work with you to get the program started, select reliable ambassadors and set your organization up for success in managing the program.

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Our Process


Deep Dive

We start by doing a deep dive into your brand. We analyze your competitors, other ambassador and affiliate programs in your space and your current audience to determine the most effective program type.


Strategy Development

We work with you, side-by-side to develop a sustainable ambassador program that will help you and your organization achieve your goals. We also develop a marketing campaign to help with recruitment. 


Ambassador Selection

We assist with ambassador interviews and involve ourselves in the selection process. With our experience, we believe this is key to help you select reliable ambassadors that align with your values, are reliable and are a good cultural fit with your organization.



We help launch the program officially with a fully-developed, muti-platform marketing campaign that will start your program with a strong foundation.



We leave you with the tools to successfully manage an ambassador or affiliate program, helping you with sustainable and controlled growth. 

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